Are Trade Skills Dying?


Trade Skill Are A Great Option For Non College Bound Students

With this being the “tech” years, some believe the trades men are a dying breed.

It seems all to often that younger folks, lets say late teens to thirty, seem to think that their first job should pay high dollar. Now, I suppose if their first job is right out of school with a handsome college degree or two, that would be fine. Most of the time though, this is not the case.

Some do not wasn’t college for whatever reason and the ones that do are in dept up to their ears afterwards for years. May we suggest a trade? Electrician, welder, plumber, carpenter,sheet metal fabricators, or my person favorite, a HVAC technician/installer. Sure there is school and on the job training but, you usually get paid while on the job training. You do not usually start out with the highest pay but, you do work up to it once you are a journey man or master technician.

The reward is eventually good pay and pride in your work. I think that might be a dying characteristic too, “Pride in your work”.

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Once you learn a trade, you could become state licensed and accredited and become self employed if you choose. In doing this, the sky is the limit on the income potential. You set the rates and build your own business.

The dying trade aspect of this article is this. People do not want to work hard, plain and simple. tradesmen work on hot sweaty days and cold miserable days as well doing what they were trained to do. Sometimes long hours just to get the jobs done.

Tradesmen are who built this county to be the great nation that we are today. It is how we started this county. It used to be if you wanted or needed something, you worked hard to earn it. Now people seem to expect that things be handed to them without working for it. Pretty much like an entitlement. So, to bring this home lets talk about how to become a tradesmen.

Trades can be union or non union and offer apprenticeship programs for most to get you started. Some might be as little as 12 months and others up to 5 years. It takes hard work, dedication and the willingness to learn to become a good tradesmen.

Lets face the facts. A lot of society believe that you MUST go to college to amount to ANYTHING. This is not the case and there are a number of other options besides trade skills that one can get into as well without going to college. Now, do not get me wrong, college is a great thing and great experience to have. You can get a great paying job and long time career with a college degree but, college also is not for everyone. All in all some still believe that without a college education there is no way to make great money and this is 100% false. With the right mindset, other education, and determination, you can make a great path for yourself in the trade skill industry to make MORE money than you would with a college education.