What is your opinion on carpet cleaners?

Could Carpet Cleaning be a Trade?

So I have seen these carpet cleaners and they have their “skill” down to a science. If I would have to clean carpets with the equipment they use professionally, I would never be able to do it off the rip with no practice. This is the reason I have questioned if carpet cleaning could be lumped in with the skill trades. It does take time to master the skill, what do you all think? While you are pondering the question here are some key signs you may just need to hire or talk to one of these fellas.

Top Reasons to have your carpets professionally cleaned…

So you’re approaching the finish line to getting your home picture perfect clean, you’re to the last step which is running the vacuum. After running the vacuum you think you’re finally done, but are you really? Do you know how much bacteria and toxins are still left in your floors? Are your children crawling around the floors that you think are clean? Having your carpets cleaned professionally is a must at least once a year. Carpet cleaning products and household cleaners aren’t cutting it anymore, the warning signs that it’s time to have your carpets professionally cleaned are quickly appearing in your home.

TOP SIGNS to call a carpet cleaner:

The odor is too much to handle-

You are nose blind to the odors that are in your home. Honestly why wouldn’t you be? You’re there every day, the smells are normal. Using products like carpet refresher or sprinkle on carpet cleaner will only mask the odor for a small time and create build up. This is actually one of the worst cleaning methods for carpet cleaning. If the smell gets to be too much to handle it could be a warning sign of a big problem such as mildew or mold. Severe cases of mold can potentially be very dangerous to your household causing many long term health issues. So before masking the smell which your guests will probably be able to still smell the odor, get your carpets professionally cleaned.

That stain that just won’t budge-

You’re living in your home stains are likely to happen especially with children in the home. We all have that one go to product for stains but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it. The cleaners we have in our home will be the temporary fix, more than likely they will reappear after the cleaner has finally dried. Removing tough stains can be impossible sometimes though, which would call for your carpets to be professionally cleaned.


Our carpets hold more allergens than anything in our home. Dust, bacteria and allergens are living in the floors that we sit on and our children play on. Experiencing watery itchy eyes and sneezing may be the leading sign that it’s time to have your carpets cleaned.




Water Damaging with personal carpet cleaners:

Home owners always add a carpet cleaner to the essentials for the home, but did you know it’s causing more harm than good? These machines put a lot of water into the carpet which causes the carpet to become water damaged. The machines put a ton of water into the carpet and don’t have enough power or suction to pull the water back out of the carpet. We think by opening the windows or doors we are drying our carpets but in this process we are allowing mild and mold to quickly grow back. Having a carpet cleaning in Columbus OH can reducing your chances of this happening in your home.

The newness has worn off:

The carpets you spent a good amount of money on are starting to look a little dull and not so sparkling clean anymore. Living in your home will cause the long term effects of wear and tear on your carpets so why not keep them looking fresh by having your carpets professionally cleaned. There is no need to replace your carpets every year instead schedule to have them cleaned by the professionals.


Even if you think your carpets are clean they are probably not. They may not smell or look grungy but it may be time for a cleaning. Pets and children in the home should have their carpets cleaned routinely. Replacing carpet isn’t cheap, and is a huge investment so why not take care of it.

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Are “these” guys the Jack-of-all-trades?

Do They Know Jack?

With summer quickly approaching it will begin to be the busy season for house buyers and sellers. That being said, home inspectors will be called rampantly.

A home inspection is a critical part of the home buying process and it is extremely useful. An inspection gives you a detailed layout of literally just about everything about the home. The important things such as the hvac system, roof, electrical system, walls, attic, and many more different areas of the home that “really” matter.

Yes your home may be beautiful on the outside but, is it just as beautiful on the inside? – Sounds like a sappy love story does it not?

A report from a certified home inspector will show the seller and more importantly the buyer, crucial things that need fixed or replaced with the home or property in question.

Home Inspector Bart Lichtenauer with BCE Home Inspections in Pickerington OH has some tips for the buyers and sellers looking for an inspector.


lancaster home inspection


  • Preventative maintenance is the core factor when having a home considered in good-great condition.
  • To prolong the life of your water heaters, it is recommended to have them drained once a year to but back on the buildup of calcium.
  • Furnaces should be tuned up regularly. If your unit is newer, once every 2-3 years is okay but, if you have an older unit (20+ years) it should be looked at annually. Many HVAC companies in Columbus provide service agreements that will help cut back costs having your unit services yearly.
  • Hand in hand with the furnace tune ups, make sure you stay on top of changing the furnace filter as well. every 2-4 month depending on the quality of filter your buy.
  • Plan on once a year shutting off the pipes underneath your sinks by simply closing them off and opening back up. This helps with calcium and lime build up and can prevent you from having to deal with the main water valve if a leak occurs.


  • Find a good inspector (preferably a certified one). In different states the rules and licensing are different. Some states you do not need to be licensed to perform home inspections. Looking at American Society of Home Inspectors website, www.homeinspector.org, which shows ASHI certified home inspectors or www.nachi.org which shows InterNACHI certified home inspectors is a great place to begin.
  • Find out or ask the inspector about his background. Are they knowledgeable in the different areas you need inspected? A great inspector will be a Jack of all trades to say the least. Having one that has been around all things “home” would be a plus to have.
  • Tag along on your home inspection to find out the most important areas of your home that may need work done. Be wary of a home inspector that will not allow or does not welcome you to join them on the inspection.

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Are Trade Skills Dying?


Trade Skill Are A Great Option For Non College Bound Students

With this being the “tech” years, some believe the trades men are a dying breed.

It seems all to often that younger folks, lets say late teens to thirty, seem to think that their first job should pay high dollar. Now, I suppose if their first job is right out of school with a handsome college degree or two, that would be fine. Most of the time though, this is not the case.

Some do not wasn’t college for whatever reason and the ones that do are in dept up to their ears afterwards for years. May we suggest a trade? Electrician, welder, plumber, carpenter,sheet metal fabricators, or my person favorite, a HVAC technician/installer. Sure there is school and on the job training but, you usually get paid while on the job training. You do not usually start out with the highest pay but, you do work up to it once you are a journey man or master technician.

The reward is eventually good pay and pride in your work. I think that might be a dying characteristic too, “Pride in your work”.

hvac technicians

Once you learn a trade, you could become state licensed and accredited and become self employed if you choose. In doing this, the sky is the limit on the income potential. You set the rates and build your own business.

The dying trade aspect of this article is this. People do not want to work hard, plain and simple. tradesmen work on hot sweaty days and cold miserable days as well doing what they were trained to do. Sometimes long hours just to get the jobs done.

Tradesmen are who built this county to be the great nation that we are today. It is how we started this county. It used to be if you wanted or needed something, you worked hard to earn it. Now people seem to expect that things be handed to them without working for it. Pretty much like an entitlement. So, to bring this home lets talk about how to become a tradesmen.

Trades can be union or non union and offer apprenticeship programs for most to get you started. Some might be as little as 12 months and others up to 5 years. It takes hard work, dedication and the willingness to learn to become a good tradesmen.

Lets face the facts. A lot of society believe that you MUST go to college to amount to ANYTHING. This is not the case and there are a number of other options besides trade skills that one can get into as well without going to college. Now, do not get me wrong, college is a great thing and great experience to have. You can get a great paying job and long time career with a college degree but, college also is not for everyone. All in all some still believe that without a college education there is no way to make great money and this is 100% false. With the right mindset, other education, and determination, you can make a great path for yourself in the trade skill industry to make MORE money than you would with a college education.

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Have you considered a career in the electrical trade?

Electrical Trade

Not everyone is college bound these days. Some just don’t see themselves attending 4 plus years in a classroom setting. While others simply have different interests and tend to do better in more of a hands on learning environment. So what to do- consider a trade, such as becoming an electrician. Did you know there are scholarship programs for trade and vocational schools? More people can pursue their dream of a career in the trades without wondering how they will afford the training and education necessary to do so.

Scholarships can include those for people interested in management at a business or even running their own business. There are also scholarships for special training in the trades for veterans. You can apply for technician scholarships at www.nexstarscholars.communityforce.com

The biggest advantage of a trade school is the short 2 year term compared to a 4 year graduate program. This means you also acquire additional years of experience as well. Cost is considerably different too, with the average trade school degree costing $30k compared to a bachelor’s degree cost of around $125k.

electrical trade

A closer look into the electrical trade

As with any career choice it all starts with the right education and training.

  1. Start with finding a program with an accredited school. Many community colleges offer an electrical training program as well.
  2. Electricians are not required to have a college degree, most states do require electricians to be licensed however.
  3. After completing an electrical program, students go through an apprenticeship before they can become a licensed electrician.

The electrical industry is broader than you might think when first getting started. Nowadays there are expanding opportunities in the field such as solar power installation, wind turbine technology and electrical grid repair. Job growth projections through 2020 have increased in the electrical field upwards of nearly 20% across the United States.

Electrician related majors often found at community colleges include

  • Building/Property Maintenance
  • Building/Construction Site Management
  • Building/Home/Construction Inspection
  • Carpentry
  • Construction Trade

The process of applying for trade school grants and scholarships is broken into three steps:

  1. Complete and file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at www.fafsa.ed.gov and pay close attention to deadlines.
  2. Wait to receive your Student Aid Report (SAR). This will specify what kind of aid you will qualify for.
  3. Complete the form for state grants. Once you have received your financial aid award letter from your prospective school, you will then have the option of applying for grants Here is just a small list of grants and scholarships out there available to get you started:
  • Construction Intern Award
  • CREW Chicago Scholarship
  • DEED Student Research Grant/Internship
  • Construction Technology Scholarship- Yavapai College
  • Robert L Hite Memorial Scholarship
  • Empowering Women Through Technical Education Scholarship

A lot of valuable information can also be found on www.explorethetrades.org this site covers topics such as:

  • What is an electrician
  • Why become one
  • Steps to becoming an electrician
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is an electrical apprentice
  • Apply for a scholarship
  • Find a school

For an example of what could be you check out this electrician in Venice FL. Choosing the electrical trade as a career choice is a promising one, with lots of job opportunity, stability and growth in the future.

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HVAC Training Schools

HVAC Trade School

HVAC training schools aim to teach you a high in-demand trade that is fairly simple and down to earth. With many trades, experience is key. It will take time to learn and master the trade to be proficient in it. I actually grew up in a home with HVAC skills. I have personally worked on job sites and learned the ropes of the Heating and Cooling Industy doing Residential and Commercial jobs. Personally I never had any true training besides learning from someone who was very skilled and had many years of experience in the field. You can go different routes doing installs or more on the service side and becoming a technician. The service side is were the schooling will come in handy. Learning different systems and troubleshooting can be in depth and I would recommend getting schooling and training if you choose to become a technician. HVAC schools help people like you tap in to an industry that has a variety of options once you learn the techniques and processes.


HVAC stand for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. HVAC can be installed in homes, offices, apartment buildings, malls, and other structures and helps us live indoors comfortably without worries of what is going on in the outside world. In addition to Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, there is another part of HVAC that is more modern. That is HVAC/R, where the R stands for refrigeration. This is another part of the Heating and Cooling Industry and would be something covered in depth if you chose to take classes and schooling.

commercial hvac lancaster oh

Job Requirements

The taks for a professional HVAC Technician can vary day to day depending on the contracted job. This can entail anything from installing units to basic repair and maintenance. There can and probably will be days you do many different job activities to complete one project at a job site. Here are a list of some of the things that you may run across in this profession:

  • Installing air conditioners, furnace and heat pump units
  • Installing ductwork and trunk lines that circulate the air throughout a building or space
  • Reading blueprints and coordinating with other contractors on the plans of the blueprints. Sometimes you have to change plans and adapt to all other skill trades if the prints show conflicting areas
  • Running electrical wiring and controls
  • Perform maintenance on different pieces of equipment, checking for leaks, adjusting blower motors and burners, and checking thermostats, electrical circuits, and other unit components
  • Solving issues and repairing problems that are found in any part of the HVAC system
  • Adjusting the controls of a system and recommending appropriate settings
  • Running tests on the furnace, heat pump, air conditioning unit or other piece of equipment to ensure that it performs at maximum efficiency
  • Testing for carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to ensure a customer’s equipment is operating safely
  • Selling service contracts or replacement equipment to customers

Recommended Schools

Many schools will teach you everything you know and the price can vary as low as $2,000 to $35,000. Some schools also may have you take different certifications and help you in the process of getting licensed. There are different certifications that you are able to get for the industry and getting licenced is something that you would definitely need to look into if you were wanting to take your skills learned and start up your own Heating and Cooling Company

air conditioning repair lancaster ohio

One of the Schools we recommend are Brightwood College. They have an extensive Heating,Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Program that is worth looking into.

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Trade Skill Scholarships

Welcome to Scholarship Guides. Are you looking to get in to a new trade and learn the know how to be better at your trade of choice? At the Scholarships Guides site we are going to find you different trades that you can go into and get a little bit oh help because hey, we all can use some.  You do not have to do it all alone. Some of you may think that you are not going to be able to get going on what your passion is because you do not have the appropriate funds. We are here to help and find you different ways of funding your education for your favorite trade. If you are here and you are wondering what a “trade” is considered, go ahead and click here to find out a little more info about them. There are a number of routes you can take with skill trade jobs that can be very rewarding and high paying positions. You can teach a trade, work a trade yourself, or even grow your own business.


Just a hand full of skill trades for example are:

  • Electrician
  • Plumbers
  • Heating and Cooling (HVAC)
  • Boilermaker
  • and the list goes on and on….


Now, with that said, you may be thinking “whoa, those are not for me or what I was even thinking”. That is totally okay. Skill trades do not necessarily have to be industry or construction based positions. There are many others that are in different areas as well. You could go the medical route if you are into that and be an EMT, Paramedic, medical assistant or dental assistant. Going even further and expanding into even more options are hairdressers and cosmetology. Do not think your options are limited because there are numerous paths to take when you are talking about skill trades. Some are growing and some are dying off and if you ask me, none of them should be dying off at all.  Going in to certain skill trades can open doors to other areas or work as well. Although some trades will require higher education than just hoping in to a certain trade, most you encounter will want you to be learning as you go and  even help pay for further education out of their pockets based on terms they require of you. Like I mentioned earlier there are many great opportunities and career paths you may choose to go down and a majority of them you can piggy-back off of and learn things in one trade that will help you in another if you find you do not like what you first started in. I wish you all the best and look forward to helping you make amazing decisions for an abundant life.

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