Are “these” guys the Jack-of-all-trades?

Do They Know Jack?

With summer quickly approaching it will begin to be the busy season for house buyers and sellers. That being said, home inspectors will be called rampantly.

A home inspection is a critical part of the home buying process and it is extremely useful. An inspection gives you a detailed layout of literally just about everything about the home. The important things such as the hvac system, roof, electrical system, walls, attic, and many more different areas of the home that “really” matter.

Yes your home may be beautiful on the outside but, is it just as beautiful on the inside? – Sounds like a sappy love story does it not?

A report from a certified home inspector will show the seller and more importantly the buyer, crucial things that need fixed or replaced with the home or property in question.

Home Inspector Bart Lichtenauer with BCE Home Inspections in Pickerington OH has some tips for the buyers and sellers looking for an inspector.


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  • Preventative maintenance is the core factor when having a home considered in good-great condition.
  • To prolong the life of your water heaters, it is recommended to have them drained once a year to but back on the buildup of calcium.
  • Furnaces should be tuned up regularly. If your unit is newer, once every 2-3 years is okay but, if you have an older unit (20+ years) it should be looked at annually. Many HVAC companies in Columbus provide service agreements that will help cut back costs having your unit services yearly.
  • Hand in hand with the furnace tune ups, make sure you stay on top of changing the furnace filter as well. every 2-4 month depending on the quality of filter your buy.
  • Plan on once a year shutting off the pipes underneath your sinks by simply closing them off and opening back up. This helps with calcium and lime build up and can prevent you from having to deal with the main water valve if a leak occurs.


  • Find a good inspector (preferably a certified one). In different states the rules and licensing are different. Some states you do not need to be licensed to perform home inspections. Looking at American Society of Home Inspectors website,, which shows ASHI certified home inspectors or which shows InterNACHI certified home inspectors is a great place to begin.
  • Find out or ask the inspector about his background. Are they knowledgeable in the different areas you need inspected? A great inspector will be a Jack of all trades to say the least. Having one that has been around all things “home” would be a plus to have.
  • Tag along on your home inspection to find out the most important areas of your home that may need work done. Be wary of a home inspector that will not allow or does not welcome you to join them on the inspection.