What is your opinion on carpet cleaners?

Could Carpet Cleaning be a Trade?

So I have seen these carpet cleaners and they have their “skill” down to a science. If I would have to clean carpets with the equipment they use professionally, I would never be able to do it off the rip with no practice. This is the reason I have questioned if carpet cleaning could be lumped in with the skill trades. It does take time to master the skill, what do you all think? While you are pondering the question here are some key signs you may just need to hire or talk to one of these fellas.

Top Reasons to have your carpets professionally cleaned…

So you’re approaching the finish line to getting your home picture perfect clean, you’re to the last step which is running the vacuum. After running the vacuum you think you’re finally done, but are you really? Do you know how much bacteria and toxins are still left in your floors? Are your children crawling around the floors that you think are clean? Having your carpets cleaned professionally is a must at least once a year. Carpet cleaning products and household cleaners aren’t cutting it anymore, the warning signs that it’s time to have your carpets professionally cleaned are quickly appearing in your home.

TOP SIGNS to call a carpet cleaner:

The odor is too much to handle-

You are nose blind to the odors that are in your home. Honestly why wouldn’t you be? You’re there every day, the smells are normal. Using products like carpet refresher or sprinkle on carpet cleaner will only mask the odor for a small time and create build up. This is actually one of the worst cleaning methods for carpet cleaning. If the smell gets to be too much to handle it could be a warning sign of a big problem such as mildew or mold. Severe cases of mold can potentially be very dangerous to your household causing many long term health issues. So before masking the smell which your guests will probably be able to still smell the odor, get your carpets professionally cleaned.

That stain that just won’t budge-

You’re living in your home stains are likely to happen especially with children in the home. We all have that one go to product for stains but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it. The cleaners we have in our home will be the temporary fix, more than likely they will reappear after the cleaner has finally dried. Removing tough stains can be impossible sometimes though, which would call for your carpets to be professionally cleaned.


Our carpets hold more allergens than anything in our home. Dust, bacteria and allergens are living in the floors that we sit on and our children play on. Experiencing watery itchy eyes and sneezing may be the leading sign that it’s time to have your carpets cleaned.




Water Damaging with personal carpet cleaners:

Home owners always add a carpet cleaner to the essentials for the home, but did you know it’s causing more harm than good? These machines put a lot of water into the carpet which causes the carpet to become water damaged. The machines put a ton of water into the carpet and don’t have enough power or suction to pull the water back out of the carpet. We think by opening the windows or doors we are drying our carpets but in this process we are allowing mild and mold to quickly grow back. Having a carpet cleaning in Columbus OH can reducing your chances of this happening in your home.

The newness has worn off:

The carpets you spent a good amount of money on are starting to look a little dull and not so sparkling clean anymore. Living in your home will cause the long term effects of wear and tear on your carpets so why not keep them looking fresh by having your carpets professionally cleaned. There is no need to replace your carpets every year instead schedule to have them cleaned by the professionals.


Even if you think your carpets are clean they are probably not. They may not smell or look grungy but it may be time for a cleaning. Pets and children in the home should have their carpets cleaned routinely. Replacing carpet isn’t cheap, and is a huge investment so why not take care of it.

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