2024 African Private Equity Fellowship Program by Proparco

The landscape of African investment is rapidly evolving, creating an unprecedented demand for highly skilled and well-connected professionals. In response, Proparco, a leading development finance institution, has launched the 2024 African Private Equity Fellowship Program.

This prestigious six-month executive program is designed to provide top-tier training and exceptional networking opportunities for talented investors across the continent. By bringing together investment professionals from diverse regions of Africa, the program aims to foster synergies, drive innovation, and promote gender parity in the industry.

As Africa continues to emerge as a global economic powerhouse, the 2024 African Private Equity Fellowship Program stands at the forefront of cultivating the next generation of investment leaders.

African Private Equity Fellowship Program Details

Application DeadlineJuly 24, 2024
Target Audience Investment Professionals In/From African
Funding TypePartially Funded

Benefits of the African Private Equity Fellowship Program

The African Private Equity Fellowship Program offers a comprehensive range of benefits, including in-depth coverage of key topics such as:

  • Major Trends in Private Equity in Africa: You will gain insights into the latest developments shaping the private equity landscape across the continent.
  • Macro Risk Management: Learn strategies to manage macroeconomic risks effectively within investment contexts.
  • Financing and Debt: Focus on private credit in Africa, understanding the nuances of financing structures in the region.
  • Venture Capital Growth: Explore the significant growth and opportunities in venture capital investments in Africa.
  • ESG in Private Equity: Understand the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in private equity investments in Africa.
  • Sector Focus: Delve into specific sectors like Infrastructure, Energy, Telco/FinTech, Healthcare, Agri-food, and more, gaining sector-specific knowledge and insights.
  • Regional Insights: Explore investment opportunities and challenges in different regions such as East & South Asia, MENA, West Africa, and beyond.

After completing this fellowship, you will become a valued member of Proparco’s growing community of next-generation African investors. This will allow you to leverage their newfound knowledge and networks to contribute meaningfully to the investment landscape in Africa.

Requirements for the Proparco Fellowship Program

The Proparco Fellowship Program welcomes applications from investment professionals across the entire African continent, aiming to foster synergies between regions while prioritizing gender parity within the program.

To be selected, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • You should currently be employed in Private Equity (PE), Venture Capital (VC), or Private Debt sectors (or in Finance with a desire to transition into these sectors)
  • In addition, you should be engaged in work related to the African continent.
  • Possessing 2 to 6 years of experience in Private Equity, Venture Capital, or Private Debt is also mandatory.
  • Lastly, you should be proficient in English (fluent) and, more importantly, be available to commit approximately 2 to 3 hours per week to the program.

Selection process

Besides the requirements, the selection process will be purely based on your commitment, and it is important to note that:

  • This program is tailored for professionals who are actively involved in their fields so as to be relevant and practical for professionals involved.
  • Participants are required to attend webinars regularly (mandatory webinars every two weeks after working hours)
  • It is 100% Online and Free of Charge: The program is conducted entirely online, making it accessible to participants from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Participants will also be expected to dedicate about 2-3 Hours per Week Maximum of Over 6 Months.
  • The program offers a blend of live sessions (webinars) and self-paced activities (MOOCs, mentorship) to accommodate different learning preferences and styles. This flexibility enhances the learning experience.
  • Finally, the participants are expected to demonstrate dedication and discipline throughout the program.

Apply Now

If you’re interested and meet the qualifications, visit Proparco’s application portal at hmpwkqwxmzc.typeform.com.

For additional information on this fellowship program, go to Proparco website.

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