2024 Ikorodu Division Peace Initiative Limited (IDPIL) Bursary Scholarship for Undergraduate Students

The Ikorodu Division Peace Initiative Limited has launched a scholarship and bursary scheme aimed at fostering a peaceful and prosperous community through high-quality education.

This initiative targets indigenes and residents of Ikorodu Division enrolled in public tertiary institutions across Nigeria. The goal is to encourage academic excellence and create a human development hub to drive future regional investment growth.

Recognizing the severe financial challenges many families face after COVID-19 and the global economic downturn, this scheme seeks vital support for indigent students. By doing so, it aims to reduce school dropout rates and protect the youth from the risks of crime, cultism, and hooliganism, thereby ensuring a brighter future for Ikorodu Division.

Ikorodu Division Peace Initiative Limited Bursary Scholarship Details

Application DeadlineJune 8, 2024
Country to studyNigeria
SponsorIkorodu Division Peace Initiative Limited (IDPIL)

Scholarship/Bursary Categories

The Ikorodu Division Peace Initiative Limited (IDPIL) Scholarship/Bursary Scheme is divided into three categories to cater to different needs and levels of academic performance.

These categories are:

  • Scholarship
  • Bursary 1
  • Bursary 2

1.      Scholarship Scheme

The first category, the Scholarship scheme, is designed for students who demonstrate excellent academic performance and is available to both indigenes and residents. This scholarship provides ₦200,000 annually for the entire duration of the recipient’s program and requires candidates to pass an aptitude test and oral interview.

2.      Bursary 1

The second category, Bursary 1, rewards academic performance and is open to indigenes and residents. This bursary provides ₦100,000 but is limited to a single academic session.

3.      Bursary 2

The third category, Bursary 2, is specifically for indigent indigenes who are struggling financially to continue their education. This bursary offers ₦50,000 for one academic session, aiming to support those in dire financial need.

Requirements for Ikorodu Division Peace Initiative Limited Scholarship/Bursary

To be eligible for this scheme, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Full-Time Student Status:

To ensure you’re a deserving candidate, you must be a registered full-time student at any of the public tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

  • Academic Progress:

To demonstrate the right academic progress and capability, you must be in the second year of study and have a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) at the time of application.

  • Proof of Indigeneship or Residency:

You have to be an indigene or a resident of the Ikorodu Division. To confirm your indigene, you must provide a letter of identification from a recognized Oba and Local Government/LCDA. For residency confirmation, submit your Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASSRA) card.

  • Academic Profile Documentation:

To verify your academic performance and status, you need to submit a copy of your academic profile (Transcripts), signed by the University Registrar or their Head of Department (HOD).

  • Single Application Rule:

To ensure fairness, IDPIL prohibits multiple applications. That means you cannot apply for both the scholarship and bursary simultaneously. Each requires a separate application, and any attempt at double registration will result in disqualification.

Important Information about the IDPIL Scholarship/Bursary Award

  • Free Application: You don’t need to pay any fees to apply for the scholarship or bursary. The application process is completely free, ensuring everyone has an equal chance to apply.
  • Authorized Personnel: IDPIL doesn’t use any external agents or representatives to help with the application process. Only the official committee in charge of the scholarship/bursary handles the applications, keeping things transparent and official.
  • Communication with Applicants: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. If you don’t hear back, it means you weren’t selected this time.
  • Application Platform: You must submit your application online through the IDPIL website. This way, your application will be properly recorded and reviewed.
  • Email Requirement: Ensure you have a valid email address because that’s how you’ll receive updates and information about your application status.

How To Apply

If you’re interested and qualified, go to the Ikorodu Division Peace Initiative Limited (IDPIL) website at idpil.org to apply.

For more details, visit the IDPIL website.

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