The 2024 ACU Higher Education and the SDGs Network Grants

The 2024 ACU Higher Education & the SDGs Network Grants application process is now officially open. This opportunity is primarily available for professional and academic staff at ACU member universities to apply and be part of.

These grants are created to fund collaborative projects focused on advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And so, here are all things you need to know about these ACU Higher Education and the SDGs Network Grants:

The Priority Themes of These ACU Grants

The grants’ main goal centers around the key themes of the ACU Higher Education and the SDGs Network, which are:

  • Research
  • Partnerships
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Engagement and Impact
  • Estates and Stewardship

The grants are set to benefit a range of initiatives, ranging from energy saving and clean energy solutions programs for Fijian schools to women’s economic empowerment programs. These interventions are in the creation of financial literacy and equity in access to finance through projects, workshops, and forums.

ACU Higher Education and the SDGs Network Grants

DeadlineJune 2, 2024
PriceGBP 2,500 
Type Postgraduate
SponsorAssociation of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)

Requirements for 2024 ACU Higher Education and the SDGs Network Grants

If you’re looking to apply for these grants, here are things you should note:

Applicants must:

  • Be a staff member at an ACU member university.
  • Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Application Guidance.
  • Complete and submit their application using the online form (check the ‘How to Apply’ section below).

Applicants cannot:

  • Be from a university that previously received this ACU grant.

Applicants are encouraged to:

  • Collaborate with other ACU member universities or organizations, such as local governments, to foster additional Commonwealth partnerships. This approach will be viewed positively during the evaluation process.
  • Consider seeking matching or additional funding from their own university as part of their application. While not mandatory, this initiative will be viewed favorably as well.

Applications also include ideas for:

  • SDG learning content and materials sharing through social media and digital platforms.
  • Designing research plans that are SDG-based.
  • Online or face-to-face exchanges, teacher or work practice collaborations.
  • Collaborating and co-authoring learning products, tools, training, and approaches to develop contingency and continuity plans for higher education institutions (HEIs).
  • Seeking to incorporate sustainable development practices into the corporate framework.
  • Jointly developing relevant research, collaborating with the community, and partnering with SDG-oriented entities.
  • Virtual fellowships, comparative analyses, research organization, and capacity building.

How to Apply for the ACU Grant

If interested and qualified, you can start your registration by visiting the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) website.

Complete and submit your application using the online form provided, and to access this form, you must have a MyACU account.

For details on the application, be sure to check the ACU website.

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