The 2024 Science by Women Program of the Women for Africa Foundation

The Science by Women program, a distinguished endeavor by the Women for Africa Foundation (FMxA) to empower African women scientists, has announced the 2024 edition.

The goal of this program, which has been in place for many years, is to encourage research collaboration and scientific leadership among female African scientists and their Spanish counterparts.

Application DeadlineSeptember 30, 2024
Funding typeFully funded
SponsorWomen for Africa Foundation
Gender Women

Benefits of the Program

Opportunities for Advanced Research: Selected candidates are awarded six-month postdoctoral fellowships at esteemed Spanish Centers of Excellence under this program.

Financial Support: During their fellowship in Spain, fellows receive a substantial monthly living allowance to help with living expenses such as housing, food, and health insurance. They can fully concentrate on their scientific pursuits without worrying about money thanks to this financial help.

Visa and Travel Assistance: The initiative removes a significant obstacle for fellows by streamlining the visa application procedure. Travel expenses between their home country and Spain are also covered to provide a seamless transition for the fellows into their research experience.

Development of Professionals: The course covers more than just research. Throughout their fellowship, fellows participate in seminars and conferences, which provide them with invaluable exposure. They can network with specialists and colleagues, which advances their scientific reputation and career growth.

Career Advancement: The Science by Women program gives fellows access to leading universities and advanced research skills and experience.

Contributing to Africa’s Progress: The program prioritizes research aligned with Africa’s critical health, agriculture, and climate change needs.

Requirements for FMxA Science by Women Program

Below is a summary of the main requirements for eligibility:

Citizenship and residency requirements: Candidates must be citizens and residents of an African nation.

Academic Requirements: A PhD in a scientific discipline related to the program’s areas of specialization is required.

Institutional Affiliation: Applicants must be employed by an African university or research institution. Academic Record and Research Experience: A solid academic record and demonstrably relevant research experience are crucial.

English Language Proficiency: Solid working knowledge of English is essential for effective communication and collaboration with researchers at the Spanish host institutions.

Criteria for Selection

The selection committee carefully assesses applications according to a set of standards, which may include:

Nationality: You have to be an African-American woman scientist.

Academic Background: A Ph.D. and at least three years of postdoctoral work experience are prerequisites.

Research Focus: The program’s topic areas, such as health, agriculture, energy, water, and climate change, or allied fields, should be the focus of your study.

Professional Objectives: Clearly state how your involvement in the program will advance your professional standing and aid in the growth of your nation.

Application Documents      

  • Complete the online application form
  • Motivation letter (1 page).
  • Fully updated curriculum vitae(preferably in Europas format).
  • Applicants should have a Passport and national ID scan.
  • Letter of support from your current employer(university or research institution).
  • Research proposal(2 pages maximum)
  • Proof of confirmation from the Spanish host entry(if applicable)

Application Deadline

September 30, 2024, is the deadline for applications to the Science by Women program year 2024.

How to Apply

Here is a step-by-step guideline on how to apply for the FMxA program:

Step 1: Review the eligibility (ensure you meet the basic requirements)

Step 2: Prepare your application documents (CV, Research proposal, letters of interest, and letters of Recommendation).

Step 3: Complete the online application form, visit the Foundation Women Foundation official website, and fill the form with valid information.

Step 4: Upload the supporting documents: ensure the documents meet the specified format and size (usually PDF and DOC formats)

Step 5: Apply on time and wait for the evaluation.

Final Word

The Women for Africa Foundation’s Science by Women program initiative is a ray of hope and advancement for African women in science.

The program not only addresses gender gaps in science but also advances the larger objectives of sustainable development and innovation in Africa by giving these gifted scientists a platform to further their research and careers.

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