The Government of Ireland’s 2024 Africa Agri-Food Development Program

The African Agri-Food Development Program (AADP) is a key initiative by Ireland to promote sustainable agricultural development in Africa. It aims to enhance food security, employment, and agricultural productivity.

The 2024 program builds on previous successes, providing opportunities for African businesses and institutions to collaborate with Irish partners.

Key Objectives

The AADP is designed to achieve key objectives:

Enhances food security: the program seeks to raise food production and availability in participating African countries by providing support for sustainable farming techniques and technology.

Creation of Employment: the initiative encourages the growth of agribusiness that provides jobs, especially for women and young people.

Boost Agricultural Productivity: the program aims to increase the efficiency and boost productivity of agricultural operations by transferring knowledge and technologies from Ireland to Africa.

Application DeadlineJuly 5,2024
sponsorGovernment of Ireland postgraduate program
Gender ALL

Project Goals and Requirements

Projects that are both commercially feasible and support sustainable development within the African food system are given priority by AADP.

The following lists the essential project requirements:

Commercial focus: Projects must show a clear route to profit and long-term viability.

Sustainable development: The initiative should help progress the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the chosen African nation.

Partnerships: The initiative primarily fosters collaboration between the Irish and African business “full projects” that necessitate a partnership between at least one Irish agri-food enterprise and one local commercial entity from the chosen African countries.

Experience: Full projects require at least three years of expertise in the relevant agri-food sector and development context.

Ethical Collaboration: The application for full projects must clearly detail how Irish and African enterprises will collaborate equitably and ethically.

Funding and Selection

The AADP  will provide financial support for your initiative, but the applicant must also invest in their funds.

The maximum grant amount for the entire project is €250000, with the intention that an Irish or African enterprise will match it. The feasibility study can also be sponsored with a grant of € 100,000.

The stringent selection procedure is intended to find the most impactful and promising ideas. It involves multiple methods:

Initial screening: Applications are initially screened to verify they fit the fundamental eligibility criteria, such as collaboration with an Irish organization and alignment with the program goals.

Detailed Proposal Evaluation: Eligible applications are then assessed using a variety of criteria, including the potential impact on food security, project feasibility, the sustainability of proposed activities, and the strength of the partnership between African and Irish entities

Interviews and presentation: shortlisted candidates may be asked to present their projects to a selection panel. This stage contains in-depth conversations concerning the project implementation strategy, intended outcome, and sustainability measures.

Ultimate selection: the ultimate choice is determined after reviewing the assessment and presentation. Successful candidates are notified and given specific instructions for project implementation and reporting.

Application Deadline

All applications should be submitted before July 5th, 2024.

Application Process

Because of its straightforward design, the AADP application process is open to a broad range of applicants. Below is a step by step instruction for applying:

Step 1: Examine the requirements and qualifications: make sure your organization satisfies the qualifying requirements by carefully reading through the program parameters.

Step 2: Find a partner: If requesting funding for the entire project, provide details on a prospective partner company in the chosen African nation.

Step 3: Create a project proposal that includes the specifics of your project, the budget, the structure of your collaboration, and the expected results.

Step 4: Collect Supporting Documents: Assemble the necessary records, including audited financial statements, business details, and partner support letters.

Step 5: Fill out the Application Form. You can access the form online or from any Irish government department.

Step 6: Submit the Application.

Step 7: Follow-up: Following submission, one should maintain touch with the AADP office in case they need any updates or extra information. If your application is selected for further consideration, be ready to answer questions and give additional information.

For more inquiries and queries on the application process, You can visit their website or send an email through

Take away

A great chance for African agri-businesses and institutions to improve their operation, support sustainable agricultural practices, and contribute to food security is presented by the Government of Ireland’s 2024 African Agri-food Development program.

Strengthening the connection between Irish and African business, the AADP promotes knowledge and technology exchange that is essential for long-term development in addition to stimulating economic progress.

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