The Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentships

The Round Table Commonwealth Studentship is a distinguished scholarship that demonstrates the Commonwealth’s dedication to advancing international collaboration among its member states and higher education. With the help of this studentship, outstanding students from throughout the Commonwealth can pursue postgraduate studies in a wide range of academic fields.

The studentships are sponsored by the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU). They not only offer financial support but also encourages mutual understanding and cross-cultural engagement among the future leaders of the Commonwealth countries.

Application DeadlineJune 31, 2024
Value GBP 5500
Funding TypePartial
Type PHD
SponsorAssociation of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)
Gender ALL

Benefits of ACU

Beyond financial support, the Round Table Commonwealth Studentship offers a plethora of benefits:

Academic Excellence: Recipients have access to top-notch research and educational facilities, enabling them to advance their knowledge and skills in their chosen fields.

Cultural Exchange: By bringing students from various Commonwealth countries together, the studentship promotes cultural exchange, fostering mutual understanding and collaboration.

Professional Development: Scholars are encouraged to participate in workshops, seminars, and conferences, enhancing their professional network and career prospects

Global Perspective: Studying abroad gives students a more comprehensive understanding of global issues and equips them with the knowledge and experience necessary to address challenges in the world at large.

Beyond Financials

There is more to the Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentships than just cash assistance. Here are a few more benefits:
Acknowledgment and Reputation: Winning this coveted distinguished studentship enhances your academic record. It showcases the excellence of your study and your dedication to Commonwealth-related academics.
Opportunities for Networking: The extensive network of universities and experts within the Association of Commonwealth Universities is impressive. Getting the studentship could lead to further research relationships or collaborations within the Commonwealth network.
Prospects for Publication: One of the best journals covering Commonwealth issues is Round Table.

After your research is finished, there’s a chance your findings might be accepted for publication, which would provide you with important industry exposure.

Application Deadline

All applications must be submitted before June 31, 2024. After submitting your application, you can monitor the progress through the portal.


For the Round Table Commonwealth Studentship to be awarded, candidates need to:

  • Hold citizenship within a Commonwealth nation.
  • Own a stellar academic record after completing their undergraduate degree.
  • If English is not their first language, provide proof that they are proficient in it.
  • Exhibit leadership abilities and a dedication to volunteer work in the community.
  • Applicants should be prepared to return home after finishing their education in order to support the growth of their native country.

ACU Studentship Courses

The studentship majors mainly in the following areas

  • Humanities
  • Social science

Procedure for Applications

To tender your application follow the steps below: Online Application: Fill out the online application form on the official ACU website. Some of the information required includes personal data, educational background, and  specifics about the course of study you  intend to pursue.

Statement of Purpose: The statement of purpose, in which applicants describe their academic objectives, areas of interest in research, and how their studies would help their native nation, is an essential part of the application.

Recommendations from Academic or Professional References: Applicants must provide recommendation letters from individuals who can assure their qualifications and potential.

Send the completed online application form to For more information, visit the official website of the Round Table Commonwealth Studentship for the international students.

Take Away

The Round Table Commonwealth Studentship is more than just a cash prize; it serves as a beacon of opportunity for bright students from around the Commonwealth. By promoting the education and development of future leaders, the studentship helps to create a more linked and affluent world.

For overseas students looking to make a difference, the Round Table Commonwealth Studentship provides a one-of-a-kind chance to pursue their academic and professional goals while also contributing to the greater good.

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